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August 30, 2016 @ 10:25 AM

let me share with you our activity in this project and introduce my self.

Me, Ilgis Ibragimov, was involved in NMR signal processing since 1999. In the period since 1999 till 2008 I was mainly involved as mathematician collaborating with group of Vladislav Orekhov and Martin Billiter in Geteborg Sweden. In that time several important ideas were introduced, in particular, non-uniform sampling, sparse multi-dimensional decomposition, and model order reduction.

In 2008-2015 I was mainly involved in NMR of the earth - development of ground penetrating radars that are capable to get NMR response of investigated minerals on the magnetic Earth field.

Since the middle of 2016 I am mainly involved on the Elegant NMR Stick project.

The key idea of our technology is a special experiment setup and appropriate numerical algorithm that capable to make good NMR spectra of ALL non-zero-spin isotopes, and be stable to magnetic field fluctuations.

We start development of prototypes at Jul 2016, since that time we build more than 10 versions, that I will share with you at the topic \\\"ongoing development\\\" soon.

We are converging now, and hopefully deliver first devices to our beta testers and soon to our customers in several months.